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The Book
Available Now!
Art's book, The Dispensing Ophthalmologist, was released on
October 22 and is available now from the AAOE .  To see a
description of the book or to obtain a copy,
click here.  You will be
directed to the AAOE home page.  Follow the Academy Bookstore
and Practice Management links.

According to Art,
"The Dispensing Ophthalmologist was written at
the request of the AAO in order to fill a need for a single resource
that covers all of the major aspects of dispensing in the
ophthalmology world.  I am delighted to have been involved in this

Special Note
All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Academy of
Ophthalmology; Art will derive no financial benefit from its sale.

Read an Excerpt from Art's Book
To read an excerpt from The Dispensing Ophthalmologist, click

What Others are Saying About The Dispensing

"I've had the privilege of working with Art De Gennaro for many
years, sending many of our clients his way for an optical start-up, a
turnaround, or merely a tuneup.  One of Art's greatest assets is his
ability to generate enthusiasm for and higher expectations of optical
dispensing.  Both are critical to increasing dispensary performance.

This much-needed, long-awaited, and well-crafted new book by Art
De Gennaro could not be more timely for ophthalmologists and their
administrators.  I predict it will become a classic."

John Pinto
Practice Management Consultant and Author
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“It has been very difficult to find a text for our Optical Business
Management course that covers the broad range of subjects that an
optician must know to successfully manage or operate an optical
dispensary.  I was very impressed with the depth and breadth of the
The Dispensing Ophthalmologist.  I especially enjoyed the chapters
on business planning, marketing, the retail sales process and
human resources.

Each chapter presents a wealth of information and insightful
discussion of common pitfalls and how to avoid or rectify them.  The
text contains an easy-to-follow blueprint for dispensary profitability,
providing information that will be valuable to every practitioner
whether planning their first foray into the retail optical business or
have years of experience like me.  Segments on how to compete in
today’s market, understanding lens choices and pricing provide the
reader with insights into different ways that one can be maximally

I know that I will be recommending this book to my friends in the
National Federation of Opticianry Schools and will be proposing
adaptation of it as a required text for all my students.”

Raymond P. Dennis, Professor/Coordinator
Ophthalmic Design and Dispensing Program
Middlesex Community College
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"I highly recommend Mr. De Gennaro’s new book entitled The
Dispensing Ophthalmologist
.  It very specifically takes you through
every logical step needed to set up your own optical shop or 'fix' an
existing one.  All of his ideas are very quantifiable and are very
number oriented.  This book will give you a great deal of direction.  
Very well done!"

Michael Brown, CHBC, President
Health Care Economics, LLC
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Arthur De Gennaro
145 East Circle Drive
Lexington, SC  29072-9736

Phone (803) 359-7887        Fax (803) 359-3996
145 East Circle Drive
Lexington, SC  29072-9736

Phone (803) 359-7887        Fax (803) 359-3996